Pixel Point

Increase sales, improve efficiency, and increase customer loyalty with PixelPoint’s wireless handheld solution, a perfect compliment to our PixelPoint POS solution.

Increase Performance

Whether you’re operating a fine dining restaurant, a quick service chain or even a high volume bar, expect to increase your performance with PixelPoint POS software.

Industry Leader

Enhance your performance and bottom line with a host of industry-leading capabilities, from perpetual inventory management to comprehensive reporting.

Pixel Point POS

Whether you’re operating a fine dining restaurant, a quick service chain or even a high volume bar, expect to increase your performance with PixelPoint POS software. Expect to enhance your performance and bottom line with a host of industry-leading capabilities, from menu screen customization to perpetual inventory management to comprehensive reporting.

Increase Performance

Expect to improve your operation’s performance and bottom line with a solution designed to be amazingly easy to use. Right out-of-the-box, fully customizable menu screens, table layouts, and screen flows. With concise screen layouts users can understand and use more aspects of the software, allowing them to make the best use of your investment.

PAR EverServ Digital Menu Board

PixelPoint POS integrates seamlessly with the PAR EverServ Digital Menu Board (DMB) module to transform static menu boards into high-definition digital billboards that enable in-store advertising, suggestive selling and unprecedented menu control.

Advantages Include

  • Advanced Inventory: Manage your food costs and inventory with standard and perpetual features. Accomplish everything from tracking product sales to product usage and inventory usage and easily create and receive purchase orders.
  • Menu Management: Built to accommodate the most demanding of menu layouts PixelPoint’s simplified menu designs make it easy to design unlimited menus for any restaurant environment , sell in, sell out and countdown, or offer more choice by simply adding items instantly.
  • Membership & Loyalty: Look forward to driving more business from your best customer with strong customer loyalty tools, that give you the ability to track your customers’ usage, create marketing promotional programs, award rewards & manage coupons based on the products they purchase.
  • Labour Management: Expect to increase efficiency and dramatically reduce overall labour costs by controlling clock-ins and clock-outs, utilizing forecasting tools and control staffing levels.
  • Credit Card Management: Serve all transaction types, including Cash, Credit Card, Check, Gift Card Redemption and On Account for suppliers. And easily add a new payment solution as PixelPoint now supports one of the newest technologies for processing credit card and debit – contactless payments.
  • Reporting: Generate hundreds of comprehensive reports that can help you make smarter management decisions based on actionable information.
  • Time and Attendance: Keep your labour costs in check and increase employee performance by efficiently and effectively managing your time & attendance information. Our integrated features allow for easy schedule access unlimited shifts and multiple job positions for each employee and tie in any number of security functions to a job position.
  • Reservations: No matter how demanding your environment is, our waiting list and reservations solution interacts with our table management features to ensure you can expect an easier more effective way to manage your reservations.
  • Table Management: Be sure to keep your table turnover high and your customers happy with features like Customer paging, Seat Warning & Table status indicators. Plus, you’ll always know what to do next because with PixelPoint’s intuitive layout, all screens flow naturally and seamlessly between one other, so the next step is always obvious.
    Join the digital revolution, PAR EverServ Digital Menu Board

PixelPoint Wireless

  • More freedom: Give your servers greater freedom with PixelPoint’s handheld POS solution, featuring full screen POS software and access to all of PixelPoint’s powerful features, all operating on popular Windows CE devices.
  • More efficient service: Our PocketPOS simply allows you to serve more customers faster and more efficiently. Servers can present your daily specials to your customers on the spot, process credit cards while walking to the next table, send a bread request for table 37 to the bus line, and add walk-ins to the waiting list – right from where the customer stands.
  • More customer satisfaction: Your servers can spend more time interacting with more customers and still give faster service. With PocketPOS, keep your customers happier, and keep them coming back.
  • Order from anywhere: PocketPOS allows wait staff to place orders from anywhere in the restaurant, with no time lost in fixed terminal line-ups.
  • Eliminate additional POS training: The user has a common interface between fixed and wireless POS terminals, so no additional training is required.
  • Just like a fixed terminal: PocketPOS gives your users access to all features on the wireless terminal, as they would have on any fixed terminal.
  • Do business in real time: Whether you’re sending orders to the kitchen or adding products from the office, all data is sent in real-time.
  • A new freedom to increase loyalty: Add loyalty customers or manage waiting lists on the fly and from the floor, with wireless access to all of PixelPoint’s loyalty, reservations and waiting list features.
  • Manage tables instantly: Front-of-the-house staff can take action right from where all the action is, from changing the status of cleared tables, to sending bus commands to a bus line printer as they have full access to PixelPoint’s graphical table layout.
  • Increase average cover sales: Deliver better service to your customers, turnover more tables and increase average cover sales by keeping your best wait staff on the floor at all times while your bus staff shuffle back and forth to deliver orders and bus tables.
  • Take stock wirelessly: Managers can take stock counts right from the stock room, updating your stock levels immediately and saving precious time thanks to having full access to inventory features on the PocketPOS.

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